Your Session Will Include:

  • Our Session Questionnaire: This questionnaire, once filled out, allows us to truly make your session unique to you. With it, we can begin to pick the best locations, colors used, poses, and wardrobe for the ultimate customization of your session
  • Our Complete Welcome Packet: In this, you will find all the finer details, FAQs, tips, and checklist to be used for your session. This is a written guide that you can refer to at any time you need.
  • Our Pricing and Product Guide: A list of all products and prints available for you to purchase along with the prices of everything we sell.
  • Your Pre-Session Consultation: held either in person or by phone if you are out of state. During this consultation, we work with you to even further personalize your session and fine-tune the details. We get to know each other and become comfortable with working together in creating your art. It gives us a chance to prepare you for every part of the process up to your session day and beyond. We will also give you a brief tour, if done in person, to see and touch on all the products available to display your art before your preview session.
  • Your Actual Session Day:  Sessions start with 1.5 hours of photographing time and can go all the way up to 6 hours depending on the session reserved. We count Photographing Time as the actual time we spend documenting. So, it doesn’t include things like driving, location changes, breaks, or wardrobe changes.
  • An In-Person Viewing Session of Your Images: Here, you get to come in a relaxed environment with snacks and beverages to sit and enjoy your images with whoever you bring along. We begin with a special surprise (we like to keep it a secret) to get you excited. After that, we show you all of the prints and products available to you, so you can see and touch the quality and prepare to display your images. Next, we all go through the images created on a big screen tv for everyone to see. Finally, we sit with you and provide guidance if needed, so you can select the perfect prints and products to display and keep forever.


At Significant Moments Photography, we believe in not only creating beautiful art for you, but also providing you with the best ways to display them with our variety of premiere prints and products. With this goal in mind, we make available to you the very best Wall Art Collections, Statement Pieces, Albums, Folios, Digital File Collections, and more to purchase after your session. These purchases are made during your in-person preview session. Below, you will see the starting price for our sessions. Along with that is the average investment clients make in prints and products. All orders have a minimum purchase of $3000. Please contact us to learn more about products and packages available for your session.

Starting Session Fee / $550 *images and products not included with session fees

Average Investment in Prints and Products / $6500-$8500








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