Snow in July

Jul 14, 2020

SNOW in July.


This precious baby girl, in a blink, has turned four months. Proper documentation was only necessary.


I have had the amazing privilege to photograph this family and I swear every encounter only makes me appreciate them all as a family and each individually more and more. This mama is genuinely one of the kindest hearted women I have ever had the privilege to know. She no longer has the title “client” but instead… friend. She is not only outwardly drop dead gorgeous but her inner beauty radiates even more. If only I could actually have time to just hang out with them all HA!


This session allowed me to put images that have been in my head for some time.. “to paper” so to speak. And I am just so in love. The entire session I was taken back to when my own children were four months and my heart just melts.


Rachel, you are truly so beautiful and I just adore your family. You are an amazing mother and just have this air about you that makes photographing you, not just easy,… but like so unbelievably fun! Thank you for letting me document so many special moments in your life. I feel like I am a part of the family and I LOVE seeing the children grow. They are all so precious and I am glad you have precious moments documented with them! Thank you for always trusting my vision and being so willing to make what’s in my head come to life.



Motherhood Photography

Motherhood Photography

Motherhood Photography