Waiting for a Precious Baby Boy!

Oct 12, 2020

This session will stay with me forever. Not just because of the art created, but because of WHO these amazing clients are and the conversations we had. I will NEVER forget them and I am besides myself that I was able to document their pregnancy.


Everything was perfect… I mean everything. The weather, the wardrobes, the people EVERYTHING! Even when the stars align it still comes down to the clients and how you mesh. WE MESHED unbelievably well and I 100% believe that is why these images are a step above. When you have a connection the art just bleeds out of you.


These two are everything any photographer could hope for. They are real, funny, and so kind! I loved watching them interact with one another. I couldn’t help but think of my husband and I. The outgoing one (soon to be dad)… who reminded me of myself so much it was almost scary.  And the one who is just calm and cool with their Significant Other… (soon to be mama) who reminded me of Andrew. All of us together made the perfect team.


The entire session was a dream. I was able to learn soon-to-be dad’s military history and even typing this is gives me goosebumps. He is 4th generation and we were able to incorporate his family’s heirlooms into the session!!!! Yes, I know… GOOSEBUMPS right!!!! I may or may not have teared up…


I loved this session… I love this growing family. AND I AM OVER THE MOON with the sneaks. Before that I want to tell this soon to be mom and dad that I THANK YOU for letting me document such a special time in your life. Thank you for the trust you put in my vision and for the kind words that will be with me forever.



maternity photographer


maternity photographer