Waiting for baby Snow

Jan 20, 2020

Waiting for baby Snow


Just when you think it cannot get any better or more precious… it does.


Our session was amazing! I have missed these kiddos so much, it has been about a year since I saw them last. This family is so beautiful in every way. Each kiddo has an amazing and unique personality and I enjoy so much getting to document them along with mama carrying precious baby snow.


Mama wanted a winter SNOW feel to her session but as you already know trying to get snow in Georgia is near impossible. ON TOP of that we don’t want the kiddos to be in the cold for too long. SO VOILA an indoor winter wonderland session was born. What really made this session amazing was the wardrobes. This family knows how to dress for the occasion. The girl’s gowns were to die for!


I am so excited to share these sneaks!


Rachel, I just love your family so much! I cannot wait to share all of your art work with you soon! As always thank you for trusting in my eye!