We’re Back from Scotland!!

May 2, 2023

We’re Back from Scotland!!


My team, family and I- along with a fellow photographer and his lovely wife- just got back from a VERY significant trip to Scotland. This trip was mostly a celebration of my eldest daughter’s graduation, but we made the absolute best of the trip by mixing work and pleasure. I know, I know, tsk tsk, BUT hear me out. 

My daughter- the little rock star- graduated ahead of time. I am so, SO proud of her, and I wanted to do something special in the spirit. When I asked her what she would like to do to celebrate her achievement; my beautiful little Outlander fan declared that she would like to go to Scotland- so to Scotland we went! 

We recently found out that my husband, Andrew is 56% Scottish… which explains a lot! So, we did our research, and we invested in procuring traditional Scottish garb in his clan colors (clan MacCollough). The photos captured of how it all came together will be released on a later date. 

We also hired a fellow photographer to document our eldest’s graduation photos as well as a few heirloom shots. Furthermore, we made a deal with the same photographer to take our education process overseas! This will be one of the featured speakers we will release on Artist of the Round Table in May, and all of the content you see from him will have been created while at Scotland! 

So, we combined a trip of celebration, ancestry, and business into a beautiful mixture that revealed enchanting results, fitting of the lands that hosted us. We are so grateful for our time there, and I cannot wait to share the art we made! 


(Photos provided by my assistant, Morragan I.S.)