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Significant Moments Photography is a premiere full service photography company providing you with luxury portraits and a one of a kind experience.
If you find yourself wanting unique and fashion forward portraits then Significant Moments is the right place for you. Specializing in Atlanta Maternity Photography, Atlanta Newborn Photography, Senior and Underwater portraiture, Significant Moments is always pushing the limits on the portraits captured. No more cookie cutter backdrops or poses. We create each session unique for you.
Located in Atlanta, but traveling all over, Significant Moments Photography is dedicated to making sure your portraits are unlike any others you have ever seen. If you are looking for only the very best portraits and Atlanta Photography Service then look no further.

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Atlanta Maternity Photography

We are known as THE Atlanta Maternity Photographer for those who want the very best. Our Maternity images are unlike any other and we love to create unique portraits for each and every client. Significant Moments will always provide you the very best in Atlanta Maternity Photography . Let us preserve this short but beautiful time in your life as art that you can hold on to forever.

Click below to see some of our most breathtaking maternity photographs….

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Atlanta Maternity Photography

Atlanta Newborn Photography

Being an Atlanta Newborn Photographer has provided us with the opportunity to capture the love, in so many families, when a new one arrives. We adore being able to photograph the little ones, so new and precious, in your home surrounded by family. Significant Moments always strives to provide you with treasured heirloom portraits your family will cherish forever, and the best in Atlanta newborn photography

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Atlanta Newborn photographer

Atlanta Underwater Photography

Take a peek beneath the surface with Significant Moments Photography : The most experienced and creative atlanta underwater photographer. Whether you need an atlanta underwater maternity photographer, an atlanta underwater senior photographer, or just looking for something unique and beautiful, we can help your underwater portrait vision come alive. With pools located though out georgia and available most of the year, Signifcant Moments Photography is the go to for all your atlanta underwater photography needs

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Atlanta Senior Photography

Your senior year will be some of the best days of your life. During this amazing time is the perfect opportunity to book your portraits with the top atlanta senior photographer , Significant Moments Photography. We will work to preserve these exciting memories as art for you, and capture the very best of who you really are. No more boring backdrops, or cliche’ poses. Become a model for the day, and have the time of your life. We take atlanta senior photography to a whole new level, and create portraits, of you, that belong on the magazine covers. Portraits you will always treasure

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Atlanta Birthing Photography

Life’s significant moments are meant to be captured and preserved! The birth of your precious baby is a moment, few take the time to capture, but those who do, will always hold dear. Significant Moments photography is the perfect atlanta birth photographer to capture the most important event in your life, the birth of your child. We will preserve every emotional, beautiful, and life changing moment, in a tasteful and non intrusive way. With only 4 slots available a year, contacts us to book your atlanta birth photography package today, and let us preserve one of the most significant moments of your life.

Click below to see some of our most emotional birth photographs….

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